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The Allrighters wish writers and readers a productive, interesting and enjoyable New Year 2017.

Henry Cross, Henrietta Jones, Florence Cross and Alexander Kreator.

Also factual book writer, and Allrighters' presenter, Douglas Burcham
and many other guest writers.

6 February 2017 - Only another five years to Kalorium Day in GEMINI.


1 June 2010 to 1 June 2016

Two thousand one hundred and ninety two days of writing and reading so far....

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Who are we?

Florence Charlotte Cross - 'Aunt' Florence has many lives.
Born 18th October 1922 a good year and day, the same as the BBC. Died 2012.

Henry Ernest Cross - Henry has nine lives and twelve deaths.
Born 6th February 1947.

Henrietta Emily Jones - Who is Henrietta really?
Born in the 1940s; some women do not reveal age.

Alexander Kreator - Ageless from Kaolin.
'I am the one who looks vaguely like Jeffrey Archer in painting on the News and Diary tab.' Shadowed by Mrs Knew Righter. (Picture painted by David Humble 2007.)

Allright is alright?
"All right is two words."

The inspiration for the Allrighters' name. The command etched deep into the mind, by Mr Evans - English language teacher.

The Allrighters' Real Guest Writers

Members of writing groups and others who have contributed to our work to add some variety and reality to the Allrighters' fiction and fantasy work.

Angela Petch - Author of Never Forget.
Published by Authors Online 2012.

Calvin Hedley Author of Turning-Point.

Katharine Trelawney - Author of The Philanderer's Wife.
Published by Authors Online 2012.

Monica Evans - Author of Christmas is Coming. Published by Penpress 2009 & Memory Boxes. Napton Press 2010.

Nick Rotemen - Author of Auburn-Ultion, When Madness Calls and Marry Me.

Duncan Beal - York Publishing Services.

Douglas Burcham writes factual books and short stories for the Allrighters after his gang of fictional characters stole his long book fiction writing in May 2013. He also helps in the marketing of the Allrighters' work, because most of their characters live in a different Trimefrayme or are fantasy characters in the past, present or future.

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